Pleasure to make, pleasure to use
Spinning, natural dyeing, hand weaving
Planeta Organica's fabrics are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp,
dyed with plants and hand-woven by villagers.
Hand spun and hand woven fabric acquires softness after use and natural dyes are considered
to have curative properties.

Taking care of the environment
Taking seeds from cotton, hand spinning, dyeing with plants, weaving by hand.
These processes are powered by hand and therefore do not use electricity.
Natural dyes made from plants do not pollute nature with dyeing chemicals.
We minimize electricity use
as much as possible to make products that are good and healthy for people and the environment.

Sharing materials from nature
Our natural dyes come from local plants, harvested in season.
We believe that these materials are shared by nature.
We do not selfishly over-produce, but grow only as much as we need for our manufacturing.

Living spiritually rich lives
"We hope fabric for everyday use will offer comfort and affection."
Our handmade fabrics wrap you gently.
We hope to help customers create spiritually rich lifestyles with our products.
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