Our cotton almost makes you want to eat
Planeta Organica's fabrics are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp, dyed with plants and hand-woven by villagers. Planeta Organica's policy is based on an ideal coexistence relationship between human and nature. So we try to make products with materials shared from nature and not to produce more than we need. When considering high quality & comfort the material could only have been organic cotton. We have a choice of machine and hand spun cotton. Planeta Organica's hand-spun cotton has a distinctive softness and will get softer after use. Hemp is recently receiving remarkable attention as ecological plant without agricultural chemicals. All our hemp products are machine spun. It's characteristics are notable for being absorbent, good heat conduction & fluid to the touch. Hand-woven fabric has an inhomogeneous density because of hand's pressure.This non-uniform touch gives us a warmness. It looks heavy and thick but it fits in your body after use. We would like to help you to enjoy spiritual luxury with Planeta Organica's products, & hope to give you healing time as you relax and sleep.
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