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Gifts from Nature

In pursuing to manufacture products with good quality and user's comfort, we have reached the organic materials.

We emphasize on building a better coexistence relationship with the natural environment, so we carefully use materials, taking them as "gifts from nature". We never over produce them, and when we produce we focus to do so with great care and produce long-lasting products that you can be attached to for a long time.

Our brand, "planeta ORGANICA" is committed to the product manufacturing that does not pollute nature and to preserve the comfortable environment for village people.

Comfort Touch

For our brand products, the cotton we use are machine spun yarn and organic (non-pesticide) hand-spun yarn. Cotton yarn made by hand spinning especially has supple and warm touch that is unique to handicrafts. They would becomes softer as you use it.

The hemp we use are machine spun yarn. Because it is excellent in water-absorbing divergence, you can always enjoy the smooth touch. It recently attracts attention as an ecological material that does not require agricultural chemicals.

Comfort Wear

The density of hand-woven fabric is affected by the pressures of maker's hand when they are weaven. The uneven touch would give you a sense of comfort as it makes you realize that they are handmade products.

They might be a little thick at first, but it would fit you comfortably, and we guarantee that the more you use the cozier it would get.

Comfort sleep

We would like to enrich your precious time for relaxing and sleeping with our products to make you refresh your fatigue of the day.

The time of sleeping takes about the quarter to the third of a day. We hope to provide you with the good quality sleep that heal the fatigue and let you start your day healthy and sound.

From the online shop, we will deliver standard home linen for everyday life, such as bedding, towels, cloth napkins and so on.

Online shop
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