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Cherishing "gifts from nature"

Spinning natural materials, dyeing with natural colors, and weaving by hand

Our brand "planeta ORGANICA" mainly manufactures original hand-woven fabrics made with the natural materials such as organic cotton spun by hand and hemp that are dyed with plants.

Fabrics dyed with plants have been called "medicated cloth" and regarded to be good for health. Hand-spinning and hand-woven clothes get softer the more they are used.

Regarding materials as "shared" from nature

We use plants for dyeing colors which are grown native to the land, and we only use a little of them when it is suitable for dyeing.

We never grow too much or reap them all.

Consideration for the natural environment

In the process of manufacturing our products, we remove seeds from cotton, spin them by hands to make threads, dye the color with plants, then weave with weaving machine. These process use old-fashioned tools. They are all hand-operated and use no electricity.

Also, since we use natural dyes and mordants, we would never pollute the land.

We minimize the use of energy resources and make environmentally friendly products.

Living spiritually rich

"We hope fabrics you use in your daily lives to be something you can grow attached to".

Our hand-weaved fabrics would gently wrap you.

We hope to help you enrich your lives through our brand "planeta ORGANICA".