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Thailand · Chiang Mai - people who "raise", "spin", "dye" and "hand-weave"

People who nurture and spin

Cultivation of cotton. Nature that old life is rooted, people living in rural areas. We would like to tell the children of the future "the process of making yarn of hand-spun cotton", "importance to inherit traditional culture" and "importance of nature".

People who grow cloth material, dyeing them with plants, and weave

The raw materials we use for dyeing are local plants. In the weaving village, people would wake up before sunrise,build a fire, boil the dye to dye the yarn, then let the yarn to dry to fix the color.

Woven-fabrics are the handicrafts that have been inherited through people's lives of rural villages in Thailand for a long time.

For the old ladies in the village, it was customary to weave the cloth wholeheartedly as one of their daughter’s wedding gifts in between their other agricultural practices. I learned weaving from those ladies.

They spin cotton raised without pesticide by hand to make yarns, weave them with machine to produce fabric. Our natural fabrics are made through such daunting and overwhelming process. They would gather soft warm air and gently wrap your body.

Miyuki Shimada

planeta ORGANICA Representative

Miyuki Shimada

Born in Kumamoto.
Attended Musashino Art University Department of Scenography, Space and Fashion Design.
Painted -ski and snowboard rental shop, ”Birdland” in Niigata Echigo Uzawa.
Graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Scenography, Space and Fashion Design.
Joined company "New Age Trading" (hemp specialty shop / restaurant / wholesale).
managed the shop renewal of "New Age Trading".
managed the restaurant renewal of "New Age Trading".
managed the restaurant renewal of the accessory shop, "Casa de Plata".
Moved to Chiang Mai. started making products such as bedding, lamp shade, interior accessories using natural materials. Held exhibitions and sales events at 20 locations every year throughout Japan. (2001 - 2003)
Learned weaving in Northeastern part of Thailand (Isan region).
Through activities with women in rural districts as part of planeta ORGANICA project, she has managed to find her original way to develop quality of the products. She has involved in the commercialization of products and the guidance for the quality improvement at Chiang Mai University, "Fai Gan mai", Royal Project, SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), Baan Sai Art and Craft Training Center of the Support Foundation of Queen Sirikit, Thailand.
Opened “planeta ORGANICA”, Bangkok, Sukhumvit store.
engaged in product development for hemp project at Thai Royal Project for 4 years.