Custom order

How to request custom order

How to request custom order

Our artisan will crate a special piece for your order.

You can order various sizes for bedspreads, flat sheets, blankets, pillowcases with planeta ORGANICA's original fabrics.

Please feel free to contact us.

*planeta ORGANICA Original Fabric

SUAVE — Soft and refreshing feel
Hemp 70% Cotton 30%, Hand woven
BLANDO — Soft and supple feel
Hand sppining cotton 100%, Hand woven
LISO — Smooth feel
Hemp 100%, Machine weaving
ESCAMOSA — Volumy cotton waffle
Hand sppining cotton 80% Cotton 20%, Hand woven
FINA — Light and feathery cotton waffle
Hand sppining cotton 80% Machine weaving cotton 20%, Hand woven


Color reference
Indigo (Indigo dyeing)
Color reference
Skyblue (Indigo dyeing)
Color reference
Color reference
  • Brightness of Color, fabric density, and feel may slightly different by each product.
  • When you placing an order, please be aware that there may be differences in the fabric.
  • We cannot accept returns or exchange due to color difference of products. Thank you for your understanding.

Policy for returns, exchanges, cancellations

Once customers order has produced, we will not be able to accept returns, exchanges, or chanellation for any reason.